"Dregs Wolf Battle"

A action heavy storyboard sequence I did revisions for based on a scene from one of my former        instructors D&D campagins.

"The Monster Slayer"

A personal project I worked on featuring
one my own characters, Sasha Graeharth, 
fighting a freshwater kraken

"Ali Strong"

A storyboard version of what was part of a group project I took part in with a group of animators 
where we were commissioned to make an animated short for an artist suffering from leukemia, featuring one of her characters, named Ali Strong.


A storyboard version of an animated sci-fi horror short that's part of a personal project

"Patrick's Threat"

A personal test to try and see if 
I can mimic the style of cartoon that's generally
not in the style I work in, so I chose to make a scene
from Spongebob using audio from
a movie Patrick's voice actor stared in.


A project I worked on where I was tasked to make a storyboard sequence based on a fairytale, but I had to give my own twist to it, so I made it somewhat more
adult themed.

"Massacred Boy" Storyboard  Sequence

A test I worked on where I had to make a storyboard 
sequence that featured drama in some form. I ended up creating my own take on a famous scene from The Godfather, but tried to make it more like the scene as it was depicted in the book.

"Night of the Insomniac" Storyboard Sequence 

A storyboard sequence from a scene for an 
animated short I was developing in college as 
part of a personal project


"The Best Life" Storyboards

A storyboard sequence where I had to make a 
storyboard sequence for a group project
with a few other animators